Boston Galway Football Club Legacy


1914 Football Club

  With a history dating back to 1886, the Boston Galway Gaelic Football Club was formed just two years after the GAA was established. Records show that the very first gaelic football game played outside of Ireland was between Boston-based Galway and Kerry teams, and took place in Boston Common in June 1886. The result is unknown, as unfortunately are most of the details of the early years of the club. The next solid piece of information is that after a strong decade in the 1920s, three Galway players were selected for a New England side that played 1931 All Ireland Champions Kerry at Braves Field in Boston. Kerry were the winners.
Due to the Depression and an immigration ban, the GAA ceased to function in America in 1937. In 1947 the GAA in Boston had a rebirth with only three teams Galway, Cork and Kerry. In 1947 with the war over and a fresh influx of players from Ireland arriving here among them many who would render great services to Galway football in the 50’s and 60’s names like Michael Cummings, Martin Glynn, Frank Quinn, Eddy Darcy, Joe, John and Martin Greene, and Joe Doherty. The 60’s were an exciting time, New England and county championships were won in ’61 – ’63 and ’70 and a Junior county championship in 1967. Galway was competitive through the 70’s and 80’s. Hugh Quinn, former Sligo senior and minor player and many others helped to keep Galway among the top teams in Boston during that period.  

1949 Football Club


1964 Football Club


We are delighted that the Galway GFC is still thriving here today. With Galway's recent win of the intermediate championship the club has regained it's proud position it has always held in the hearts and minds of the football fans of this great city.

If you are a former Galway player or have any information or pictures about the club's history, we urge you to contact us.

 Galway Football Honours:

North American Senior Champions: 1961 (tie), 1963, 1970, 1989.
North American Intermediate Champions: 1987, 1996.
North American Junior Champions: 1967.
New England Senior Champions: 1975, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1989.
New England Intermediate Champions: 1987, 1996, 2003.

More Club Photo's: 1926 - 1952 - 1961 - 1964 - 1989 -1996